Phlebotomy is a specialized field of medical sciences and includes all the procedures involved in the blood collection. The blood is drawn through vein puncture or dermal puncture technique by a specialist known as a phlebotomy. Phlebotomist are required to work in a variety of health care places including hospitals, clinical laboratories, blood banks, research centers, veterinary care institutes, physician’s offices and many more. The first rule to work as a phlebotomist is to be properly trained and certified from a recognized institution. Phlebotomist must follow all the rules and regulation of the institution in… Read Article →

Phlebotomy is a practical field of medical sciences and is used to draw blood for medical testing, donations, transfusions, research or for sampling purpose. The trained and certified professionals who are working in this field are known as phlebotomists or a phlebotomist technician. They are responsible for drawing blood samples in a small amount from a variety of patients on a daily basis.  In order to become professional phlebotomist, you have to be attentive, work well under pressure, responsible and hard working. It is also necessary to have good communication skills and excellent hands on… Read Article →

Phlebotomy has now become an area of interest for successful career building. It is the science of extracting blood from a person’s blood vessel through vein puncture technique. A person skilled and experienced in performing vein puncture is known as a phlebotomist. It is a highly specialized field of medical sciences and you are not allowed to do it without proper training and certification. There are numerous training schools and colleges available that offers good training programs. Certified and recognized online training phlebotomy courses are also available that are ideal for medical students, doctors, paramedical… Read Article →

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