Maxis Health Care is an integral part of the industry of health care. They play an important role in promoting healthy living and self-care, providing patient care. The GP surgeries will provide patient care services in the early morning, evenings and weekends. Due to the expansion of the hours of service, it is necessary to train the GP surgery as support staff of nurses to perform phlebotomy procedures at home. This will explore ways to increase the role of the GP surgery staff. Nurses perform a variety of functions of patient care to the launch… Read Article →

Venipuncture technique deals with the process of blood collection with the help of vein puncture for the purpose of blood sampling, research purposes or for transfusions or donations. This is also known as phlebotomy in the medical field. A phlebotomist is a skilled and certified professional collects and processes blood and other body fluid samples from inpatients and outpatients in order to ensure test results. If you wish to work as a phlebotomist, it is necessary to learn the theoretical and practical vein puncture techniques. You need to have a high school diploma or its… Read Article →

The art of drawing blood from the veins of the human is called venipuncture. This technique is used in phlebotomy. Phlebotomy is a Greek word which means to make an incision into a vein. This is a highly specialized area of health care industry and no one is allowed to perform it with appropriate training and certification in phlebotomy. The skilled and certified individual responsible to draw blood from a human or an animal vein by either vein or dermal puncture is known as a phlebotomist or a phlebotomy technician. Drawing blood from human veins… Read Article →

The square measure blood samples collected over a range of specially designed tubes exhausted. Blood phlebotomist default volume is collected by vacuum. These measure provides square tubes in various sizes with plastic tiptop coded colors which indicate the presence of various additives. Blood should not be displaced from a tube completely different} since the tubes have different coatings additives. Anticoagulants with EDTA, Na time Liquaemin or intermediate density gel between blood cells and body fluids square measure used as additives in square measure coated vacutainer tubes. For determining the concentration of aldohexose, some tubes contain… Read Article →

Phlebotomy is a Greek word which means to make an incision to a vein. Due to the expansion and advancement in the health care industry, phlebotomy has become a popular career choice as well as a specialized field which requires trained and certified professionals. The primary role of a phlebotomist is to collect the blood specimens with the help of a vein puncture technique for the diagnostic testing, donations or transfusions and for research studies. It is necessary to undergo necessary training and certification in the field of phlebotomy as the health care institutes look… Read Article →

The diagnosis of bleeding is to extract a certain amount of blood to perform laboratory tests. Elimination of therapeutic phlebotomy monitored periodically volume fraction of blood from the patient and used to treat a variety of conditions – Specific medical conditions that are treated by therapeutic phlebotomy include porphyria (a genetic disorder that involves abnormal accumulation of certain enzymes), hemochromatosis (an inherited disease in iron levels in the body are abnormally high), polycythemia (high levels of blood red) and sickle cell disease (a genetic disease involving abnormally shaped red blood cells in blood). For the… Read Article →

Phlebotomy is a specialized field of medical sciences which is the art of extracting blood via vein puncture or dermal puncture in order to perform various tests prescribed by physicians. This procedure of blood-letting is performed by a qualified professional known as a phlebotomist. Generally nurses or other medical staffs are also trained in this field. Phlebotomy has a long as well as interesting history which has now become a sterile procedure performed by a certified phlebotomist.Medicinal leeches were used to extract blood and toxins from the body and it has been still useful in… Read Article →

Phlebotomy is a simple process of blood extraction with the help of a vein puncture and conducted by a professional called Phlebotomist or a phlebotomy technician. It is a manual procedure that requires important decisions and human skills. Nowadays phlebotomy has become a field of interest for medical related people as well as for non medical students as the phlebotomists are in high demand. It is considered as a highly specialized area and need trained and certified professionals to perform the vein puncture. It is very important to select a better training course that can… Read Article →

Be prepared – Always know the patient’s general age prior to seeing him/her so that you can anticipate potential complications. Don’t panic – If there is a child on your schedule, assume he/she might react with some level of fear or anxiety so you aren’t caught off guard. Allow extra time – Because of the need to both engage the parent(s) and calm the child, extra time should always be allotted to draw blood from children.  Having a schedule back-up in addition to a difficult blood draw will only add to a tense situation. Expect… Read Article →

The Phlebotomist  following technique is derived from that put forth by the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (formerly known as the NCCLS or National Committee on Clinical Laboratory Standards). Select an area that is suitable for the heel stick.  It should be a “virgin” area that has not been the site of a recent heel stick, and it should be in the “yes” regions identified in the illustration.  The center of the heel is never used in order to avoid hitting the bone. Immediately prior to performing the heel stick, warm the infant’s heel to… Read Article →

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